OnePlus Two Will Feature Finger Print Sensor

OnePlus Two Will Feature Finger Print Sensor

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OnePlus announced today that the OnePlus Two will feature a fingerprint sensor with a faster response time than that of Apple’s TouchID. OnePlus claims that the use of this feature brings improved security and will save time for users over methods such as pins and passwords.

In their announcement, OnePlus stated that fingerprint sensors have been great ideas as concepts in the past, but so far the technology has not been there to back them up.  They went on to claim that up until now, fingerprint scanners have jut been selling points and not actual useful features, only added to join the “me too” mentality, which is why the OnePlus One did not feature one. However, “With the OnePlus 2, the fingerprint sensor is done right.” It has been refined and is now significantly quicker than alternatives such as TouchID.

We are still waiting on further information such as where the sensor will be located and how this will affect the price.

The announcement can be found here

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