OnePlus Wants to Manufacture the OnePlus 3T in India Soon

OnePlus Wants to Manufacture the OnePlus 3T in India Soon

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It is clear that OnePlus has been struggling to meet the demand of the OnePlus 3T (and even the original OnePlus 3 in some markets). I personally ordered mine back on December 4th, and it’s not even scheduled to ship until tomorrow, December 22nd. Other employees at the XDA office have also had to wait until this week for their OnePlus 3T to finally ship, but at least OnePlus is working to resolve the issue.

In India, the company says they’re looking to start manufacturing the new smartphone next year. A report from Reuters, who spoke with the General Manager of OnePlus’s Indian operations, said they should have a manufacturing partnership set in early Q1 of 2017. The GM said that OnePlus will likely be working with multiple partners within India, but declined to name any of them other than Foxconn.

IDC recently published a report that says OnePlus is the third-biggest seller of premium smartphones within India. It’s clear that premium build quality paired with the respectable price point makes the OnePlus 3T a very attractive device. OnePlus says they have likely lost 30% of sales because they have not been able to keep the device in stock. At this time, OnePlus is only officially selling the device on Amazon, and the company says they don’t have any immediate plans to change this arrangement.

There are other unofficial outlets to buy OnePlus products though, as we’ve talked about in the past, but OnePlus has advised that consumers purchase their devices through official retailers. They don’t have plans to sell the device at other retailers right now, but they are looking to open an “experience center” soon. OnePlus says this will likely be located in the southern Indian technology hub of Bengaluru, so potential customers can try out OnePlus’s products before they decide to order them.

Source: Reuters