OnePlus Watch could get Always-On Display feature in future update

OnePlus Watch could get Always-On Display feature in future update

OnePlus has revealed that its new wearable, the OnePlus Watch, could one day get an always-on display feature in a future update.

When the OnePlus Watch was introduced, one of the things that stood out were claims about battery life. The company said the wearable could get a week’s worth of use after 20 minutes on a charger. Battery life was a huge priority for OnePlus, which is why an always-on display feature wasn’t introduced.

“The one thing we unanimously seemed to agree upon is that having to charge our smartwatch daily really affected our experience,” OnePlus said in a deep dive in its forums. If we forgot to charge it overnight, a few minutes of charging before we head out just isn’t enough and the battery dies later in the day.”


But OnePlus said it’s evaluating the possibility of bringing the feature to its watch down the road.

“We’ve heard many users request the always-on display,” OnePlus said “We are currently looking at things like how it impacts power consumption and are evaluating the possibility to bring this feature in a future OTA.”

The company said the feature could increase power consumption by almost 50 percent, which would result in a serious hit to battery life. Always-on displays have become a common feature in the wearable market, with the Apple Watch Series 6 being the most prominent example.

OnePlus went on to ask its forum users how important the feature is to the product. Your feedback could help determine whether it’s introduced or scrapped entirely.

The rest of the OnePlus Watch FAQ answers questions about the device’s design, compatibility, functionality, and much more. Basically, if you’re at all interested in buying the wearable when it launches, you should check out what OnePlus had to say. Ultimately, the FAQ provides some insight into what decisions the company’s engineers made, and why.

The OnePlus Watch will launch in North America on April 14 and retail for $159.

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