Latest OnePlus Watch update brings UI optimizations and positioning improvements

Latest OnePlus Watch update brings UI optimizations and positioning improvements

OnePlus launched its first smartwatch — the OnePlus Watch — during the OnePlus 9 series launch event earlier this year. In our review, we found that it offered a premium design, great battery life, and snappy performance. However, it lacked polish, and it was missing a couple of key features that OnePlus announced at launch. Since then, OnePlus has rolled out a couple of updates for the smartwatch with new features like additional workout modes, always-on display support, camera controls, and more. The company is now rolling out yet another update for the OnePlus Watch, which brings several UI optimizations and positioning improvements.


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As per a recent post on the OnePlus Community forums, OnePlus has started rolling out the B.62 update for the OnePlus Watch. The complete changelog for the latest OnePlus Watch update is as follows:

  • Design
    • Optimize the design details of some dials, make them look better, and add some information such as date;
    • Optimize the layout of some interface buttons, making them more intuitive and convenient to use;
    • The newly designed volume control function makes adjustment easier and convenient;
    • Optimize the remote control camera interface;
  • Workout
    • Improved the accuracy and speed of GPS positioning

As with all software updates from OnePlus, the B.62 update for the OnePlus Watch is rolling out in a staged fashion. This means that it will reach a handful of users today. After OnePlus confirms that the update doesn’t have any significant issues, it will start rolling out to more users.

OnePlus Watch XDA Forums

If you have received the update on your watch, make sure the watch has at least 40% charge left before you start installing the update. Keep your phone and watch close during the installation to avoid any connection issues.

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