[Update: v11.2.3.3] OnePlus says it’s working on a fix for the OnePlus 9 Pro’s overheating issues

[Update: v11.2.3.3] OnePlus says it’s working on a fix for the OnePlus 9 Pro’s overheating issues

Update 1 (04/12/2021 @ 04:20 AM ET): OnePlus mentions that overheating issues should be fixed with the recent v11.2.3.3 update that is rolling out. Click here for more information. The article as published on April 8, 2021, is preserved below.

It hasn’t even been a month since OnePlus unveiled its all-new flagship lineup, and the company has already pushed three software updates for the OnePlus 9 and the OnePlus 9 Pro. These updates have introduced several optimizations and improvements for the system, connectivity, and cameras on the two devices, and they’ve also included the latest Android security patches. However, there’s one major issue with the OnePlus 9 Pro that hasn’t been addressed so far.


As Android Police points out, the OnePlus 9 Pro suffers from an annoying overheating issue that temporarily renders the phone useless. The issue primarily occurs while taking photos or videos with the phone, but user reports on the OnePlus Community forums suggest that it can happen while performing other demanding tasks as well.

As you can see in the attached tweets, the phone automatically disables “high power consuming functions” when it overheats and, if you’re using the camera app, it shows the following warnings: “The temperature of your device is currently too high, please pause shotting [sic] for a while to bring it down,” and “Unable to take pictures as the phone’s temperature is too high.” An Android System notification can also appear alongside the warnings mentioned above.

Interestingly, the overheating issue seems to be software-related as the aforementioned notifications pop up at relatively low temperatures. Artem from Android Police notes that recording a video at ambient temperatures as low as 70°F (~21°C) can trigger the overheating warning on the OnePlus 9 Pro. At the same time, other phones used alongside it face no such problems at similar temperatures.

While we can’t comment on the exact reason behind the issue at the moment, reports suggest that it could be due to things like high background app usage or a problem with the temperature sensor. OnePlus is reportedly aware of the issue and is currently working on a fix. A company spokesperson told the publication that it’s a known issue and it will be addressed via a software update. The update should start reaching users over the next few weeks.

Update 1: v11.2.3.3 update reportedly fixes the overheating issues on the OnePlus 9 series

The recent v11.2.3.3 update reportedly contains fixes for the overheating issues on the OnePlus 9 series. According to OnePlus:

We’ve identified the underlying reasons behind the reported increase in temperature and already begun pushing out OTA updates to optimize the overall device temperature and improve battery performance. So far, the initial feedback has been positive.

The first OTA (build number was pushed out to our India users this week, and will be rolled out to North American and European devices by the end of this week. We’ll be following up with a second OTA to further improve the device temperature and battery in the coming weeks as well.

Thanks so much for sharing your feedback here on the forums. We’ll keep working hard to make even more improvements so you can have a reliable and enjoyable OnePlus experience.

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