OnePlus is working on a “OnePlus App” that integrates Community, Red Cable Club, E-Commerce, After-Sales Support into one app

OnePlus is working on a “OnePlus App” that integrates Community, Red Cable Club, E-Commerce, After-Sales Support into one app

OnePlus has been working on expanding its brand image from an entity that merely sells smartphones, to become a culture brand that expands beyond the product and into the experience of owning a OnePlus device. For instance, OnePlus has expanded its OnePlus Experience Stores to more locations, letting users walk in, have a cup of coffee, and check out the latest OnePlus smartphones and other accessories before making a purchase. OnePlus also has several apps and initiatives that it runs alongside, for this experience. According to a new post on the OnePlus Red Cable Club, OnePlus is looking to create a “OnePlus App” — a singular umbrella application that would integrate all the different apps and initiatives in one place.


OnePlus displayed a new post on its devices, announcing the following:

OnePlus App

According to the survey announcement, OnePlus is working on its “next-generation” application to provide a seamless experience across all of its services. The OnePlus App platform proposes to integrate all existing ecosystem offerings as well as upcoming services. OnePlus currently maintains its websites as the online shopping platform, the OnePlus Care app for after-sales support, the OnePlus Community app for its forums and community, and the Red Cable Club which provides access to a few exclusives for consumers who purchase a OnePlus phone in India. If the announcement and accompanying survey questions are an indication, OnePlus is also working towards integrating personalized content and engagement activities related to photography and gaming within this app.

Other questions in the survey include what sections should be prioritized within the mega app, such as after-sales service and consultation, device health check, buyback values, Red Cable Club membership zone, ecosystem services, product feedback and tutorials, and OnePlus partner offers and co-branded merchandise. The survey even asks if there are additional features or services that users would be willing to pay to use the app every day — though we reckon that the app, once it launches, will very likely remain free for OnePlus users.

There is no timeline currently mentioned for the release of this app. If we had to take a guess, the launch of the OnePlus 8T would be an opportune moment.

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