OnePlus adds challenges in Zen Mode v1.40 to better encourage phone detox

OnePlus adds challenges in Zen Mode v1.40 to better encourage phone detox

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Earlier this year, OnePlus debuted Zen Mode in OxygenOS alongside the launch of the OnePlus 7 series. Back then, the feature just aimed to help users put their phones down to help them focus on more important tasks. However, it only offered one time limit of 20 minutes at first. This changed with version 1.30 of the app, which introduced a few highly requested features such as more duration options, daily reminders and a launcher icon for easier access. Now, OnePlus is rolling out yet another update for the app which adds more useful features into the mix.

Changelog of Zen Mode v1.40 is as below:

  1. Add 21 Zen challenge
  2. Add medal awards for continuous 7 and 14 days open Zen Mode
  3. UI optimizations
  4. Bug fixes

The latest version of the app now brings a new 21-day Transformation challenge to help users pick up healthy habits. The challenge is based on the idea that it takes 21 days for a person to develop and consolidate any habit. And as such, the challenge requires users to put their phones down for a set duration every day for 21 consecutive days and pick up a new habit.

Users who are able to successfully complete the challenge will be awarded a special medal. However, missing a day will automatically disqualify the user and they’ll have to start again from scratch.

Along with the 21-day challenge, the update also includes two more medals that can be unlocked by using the Zen Mode consecutively for 7 or 14 days. These medals will encourage more users to try out the feature and get a mini digital detox every day.

The Zen Mode app is available on the Play Store for all OnePlus devices going back to the OnePlus 5; though the latest update wasn’t available on the platform at the time of writing. You can easily sideload the update by downloading the package and installing it over your existing app.

Download Zen Mode v1.4