OnePlus 2 Manual Camera


There are many things in life that you have no control over. A few of these things are nature, death, time, or the way your hips start to move when you hear One Direction playing on Pandora. But with all the randomness and chaos we experience everyday, there is one more thing we are now able to control.

With the latest update of OxygenOS, the Powers That Be have added manual camera support to the OnePlus 2. Manual support will offer you a little more control when you’re taking your photos. Let’s take a look at all the parts, you are able to control, and what you can do with them.

To access the manual controls, open your camera app and swipe in from the left. You’ll see the manual option in the menu that shows up.


Manual Scene


While normally, your phone will try to detect your current environment and adjust your camera’s settings to match it. You can now override this auto setting, by manually selecting  what kind of environment you’re in. Select the icon that represents your setting, and take your picture. I always have mine set to cloudy, because I’m blowing massive vape clouds so big that they counteract global warming.

Manual Focus


Sometimes the auto focus can be a serious annoyance. It’s often going in and out of focus, with the object you’re trying to photograph. The manual focus is easy to use, and most of the time you can get a much better looking picture. Now If only manual focus could work, when it comes to my ability to talk to cute boys.

Manual ISO


If you’re not familiar with what ISO is, it basically adjusts the camera’s sensitivity to light. The higher the sensitivity, the more light will flow into your image, like a river of glow sticks rushing into a deep cavern. Impress your friends by taking really bright pictures that drown out your facial imperfections.

Alright well that’s about it! Check out these manual camera features on your OnePlus 2, and have your mind blown.