OPAodMod is a customizable Always on Display for rooted OnePlus phones

OPAodMod is a customizable Always on Display for rooted OnePlus phones

OnePlus briefly introduced an Always-on Display (AOD) feature on the initial factory firmware of the OnePlus 6, but decided to remove it later due to battery concerns. Fans have been clamoring for the feature to make a return, and the company had recently confirmed that they will finally bring back the fan-favorite Always on Display mode to OxygenOS, but gave no concrete timeline as of yet. As expected, XDA community came to the rescue, as XDA Recognized Developer Quinny899 has published OPAodMod, an Xposed Module that provides a Google Pixel-esque AOD feature to OnePlus phones.


Looks familiar? Well, we did cover the initial version of this module back in July 2019. However, it stopped receiving updates after a while as the developer dropped support. XDA Recognized Developer Quinny899 has taken up work on the mod and even managed to get access to the full source code. Since then, the entire module has been translated from Chinese to English, while a new GUI has been added to customize the UI elements. The module is also fully compatible with OnePlus devices running OxygenOS as well as HydrogenOS.

The complete list of features can be found below.

  • Always-on display, which runs all the time – unlike the OnePlus version
  • Customizable layout, with options including three digital clock styles, two-word clocks and a DVD screensaver (it’s exactly what you think it is)
  • Notification display, showing the text of a notification when you receive it and dropping back to just an icon after a few seconds
  • Option to only display when you ‘raise’ your phone
  • Option to hide the screen when flipped/in your pocket, disable it overnight, or after a time period (10 minutes or 15 seconds)
  • Show your next alarm, current weather, and currently playing music
  • Display a short message (like that on your lockscreen)
  • Full settings GUI for the module with a live preview of your clock

OPAodMod — XDA Download and Discussion Thread

Since OPAodMod is dependent on the Xposed framework, you need to install the module in conjunction with EdXposed with Riru Core (the latest Canary version is recommended) or using TaiChi after rooting your device using Magisk. The current version of OPAodMod (v3.0) comes with burn-in protection, i.e. it shifts the content a few pixels once in a while, and the developer is working on minimizing the battery drain. Give it a try!

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