Open, Accessible Material Design Icons

Open, Accessible Material Design Icons

Need some material design icons for your latest app or website? Or perhaps you’re a designer looking to share some of your work? Material Design Icons probably has what you’re looking for.

For developers, it means open, searchable icons that are available in all the formats you could wish for.

  • Developing for Android? You can download any icon in two formats: Android 5.x (gives you a vector drawable along with PNGs in black, gray and the color of your choosing), Android 4.x (gives you two variants of the icon, one for light Holo themes, the other for dark Holo themes).
  • Developing for Windows? Grab a XAML file that contains the image as a path.
  • Building a website? Download a compressed SVG image for inline images, a Grunt compatible SVG, or just grab the complete web font via bower or npm. You can also download it manually if you prefer. If you’re already using Polymer, you can also use the icons as a custom font by downloading an additional file.

Prior to downloading, you can customize the icon’s foreground and background color, opacity and size. All icons are offered under a free license: SIL Open Font License 1.1 for community contributions, and Attribution 4.0 International for the icons provided by Google.

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Material Design Icons doesn’t forget designers either. You can get any of the icons in the format you want (including the SVG and .Design sources; the latter is available on GitHub). (Design files are for Microsoft’s Expression Design software, used for designing vector assets.) Most vector editors should be able to open SVG files as well, though.

Designers willing to give back to the community are more than welcome. All you need to do is contribute five icons to become a contributor on the website. Templates are provided for Adobe Illustrator, Expression Design and Affinity Designer. They’re also available in the SVG format. Contributors are able to add, update and tag icons, view how many times their icons have been downloaded and (in the future) respond to user comments.

The website currently has around 950 icons in total, 412 of which are contributed by the community. It also has other useful features, such as viewing a designer’s profile and contributed icons, filtering icons using one or more keywords, and a history log which shows an easy to view summary of all changes (not only new additions, but also modifications):

Material Design Icons: Compare View

Last but not least, contributors are happy to take suggestions for future icons. If you can’t find an icon you want, feel free to suggest it on the GitHub issues tracker. And again, a link to the main website if you’re looking for icons for your app or website, want to give something back to the community, or just looking for some inspiration: Material Design Icons.

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