This app lets you open all installed apps on Android TV without replacing the default launcher

This app lets you open all installed apps on Android TV without replacing the default launcher

Browsing through installed apps on Android TV isn’t as user friendly as it is on Android. This is because both Android TV and custom Android TV skins, like Xiaomi’s PatchWall and OnePlus’ OxygenPlay, focus heavily on content discovery and content aggregation from various services. As a result, content recommendations dominate a large part of the Android TV home screen, with apps restricted to a single row on the interface. On top of that, the Apps section doesn’t list all the installed apps, lacks app labels, and arranges apps in a random order, which leads to a poor browsing experience. This is where the App launcher for TV app from the developer of EasyJoin comes in.


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App launcher for TV is a simple app launcher for your Android TV that shows all the available apps on your TV in an app drawer-style interface. The apps are arranged alphabetically, and they feature labels, which makes it relatively easier to browse through apps on your Android TV.

I tried App launcher for TV on my TCL Android TV, and it brought up a bunch of additional apps that didn’t show up in the Apps section on the default launcher. Another great thing about the app is that it lets you easily open installed APKs on your TV, including those that aren’t native to Android TV. But its best feature is that it does all of this without replacing your TV’s default launcher, so you can easily go back to your content recommendations whenever you feel like it.

While it may not be pretty to look at, App launcher for TV is certainly quite useful, and you should definitely give it a go, especially since it’s completely free to use. You can download the app directly on your Android TV by searching for “App launcher for TV” on the Play Store. In case you don’t find the listing, you can open the following link in the web browser on your TV to download the app. Once you have the app installed on your TV, you can also use the Button Mapper app to remap a key on your TV’s remote to open App launcher for TV with the press of a button.

App Launcher for TV XDA Forum Thread

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