Open GApps releases flashable Google app packages for Android 10 custom ROMs

Open GApps releases flashable Google app packages for Android 10 custom ROMs

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If you want to use any app that requires Google Play Services on a custom ROM, you’ll most likely need to flash a separate Google apps package or GApps after flashing the ROM. This step is something that most custom ROM developers require you to do in order to avoid legal challenges with them building Google apps into their third-party custom ROMs. Following the launch of each major Android update, the Open GApss team rolls out their latest flashable GApps packages for that version of Android. While the team has previously had a flawless track record of promptly releasing GApps packages for the latest Android build, things were a bit different this time around.

Back in August last year, the GApps team faced some hosting issues with GitHub. The Open GApps project came under fire from GitHub management over a breach of the platform’s Terms of Services and was forced to change the location of its APK repositories. At first, the Open GApps team chose to self-host their APK repositories with GitLab Community Edition. However, this move resulted in GitHub giving them another restriction that forced them to move ZIP packages from releases. This resulted in the team finally moving to SourceForge.

Now, months after the Android 10 source code was uploaded to AOSP, the Open GApps team has released flashable Google app packages for Android 10 custom ROMs. While a few unofficial builds have already been released by community members, the official GApps release ensures that the package you’re flashing has already been tested by the community and contains all the necessary Google framework add-ons. As of now, the Open GApps team has only released pico and nano packages of Google apps, but the team is working to get the other packages up as well. If you’re thinking of flashing an Android 10 custom ROM on your device, you can now download the Open GApps pico and nano packages from the link below.

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