OpenMTP is an open source alternative to Android File Transfer for macOS

OpenMTP is an open source alternative to Android File Transfer for macOS

Transferring files between Android and Windows is pretty straightforward. But for Mac owners, it’s a bit of a different story. Unlike Windows, Mac doesn’t let you access the file system of your Android phone when you connect it over USB. Google’s own Android File Transfer tool does let you browse and transfer files off your Android device but it’s severely limited in terms of functionality. For example, you can’t transfer files that are larger than 4GB. The tool also lacks basic features such as search bar, the ability to rename files and folders, and frequently disconnects in the middle of the transferring process. There are tons of other third-party services out there as well such as CommanderOne, Handshaker, Pushbullet, and more. But most of them are paid or offer very limited functionality in their free version. This is where OpenMTP comes into play.


OpenMTP provides a hassle-free way to transfer files between your Mac computer and Android phone. Unlike other third-party solutions, which rely on WiFi or ADB for transferring files, OpenMTP offers high-speed data transfer via USB. You can send multiple files at once and there’s no arbitrary file size limit similar to the Android File Transfer tool.

OpenMTP’s main features

  • Connect via USB cable – Highest data transfer rates.
  • Transfer multiple files which are larger than 4GB in one go.
  • Select between Internal Memory and SD Card.
  • Split pane views for both Local Computer and Android device.
  • Drag ‘n Drop your files.
  • Choose between Grid and List view.
  • Use Keyboard Shortcuts to navigate through your files.
  • Free and open source

OpenMTP is free, open-source and works on any Mac device running macOS v10.10 or higher. To learn more about the project and download the app, visit the developer’s GitHub page from the link below.

Download OpenMTP for macOS

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