OpenTTD for Android (Transport Tycoon)

OpenTTD for Android (Transport Tycoon)

For those of you who are into games, surely you are aware of Transport Tycoon, a game where you need to start building a transport empire. The player must build transport routes, consisting of stations near industries or towns, and in the case of trains or road vehicles, nearby physical routes. The game begins in 1950 ending in 2050 and the player starts borrowing money to finance construction of transport facilities, and is charged interest until the loan is repaid as the user plays the game and earns revenues. XDA member SHADOW-XIII let us know about this game on it´s beta stage for your Android device. And the best part is that you can get it on the marketplace for free.


Originally posted by SHADOW-XIII
[App] OpenTTD Android port (Transport Tycoon)

There’s just first release of OpenTTD for Android. I am not an author, just wanted to inform anyone interested.
OTTD is Open Source port of 1995 game: Transport Tycoon (Deluxe) with some more or less modifications and support for addons (*.grf files).

There was just first release to Market.
Android port based on libDSL. Source code available

Please mind that it is first release, therefore:
– it might be full of bugs or possible incompatibilities. Don’t expect all working perfect. It is more like ‘test’ version to see if it can be done and how playable (or not) it will be
– it is not well designed for small screens with high resolutions (Strongly encourage to install this addon)
– it is not official release therefore it is not supported, any issues send to the market release author
– the game will download 20MB of additional files to the card/internal memory, you can download it manually from here (the latest data archive, possibly lang if you want, lowmem file for less memory usage but no in-game sounds/music) and this file, install/extract all files to /sdcard/app-data/org.openttd.sdl

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