Opera for Android v55 brings Dark Theme for the web, quick tab switching, and more

Opera for Android v55 brings Dark Theme for the web, quick tab switching, and more

Opera is one of the oldest browsers around, having existed on other platforms since as early as 1996. Opera’s sheer age allowed the browser to enter the Android market early on, and variations such as Opera Mini were considered primary choices for low-end devices back then. Opera found its way onto several recommendation lists for alternative browser options over the years, too. The browser still occupies 2.35% market share, which is low as a percentage, but a substantial number in absolute terms. Last year, Opera released Opera Touch mobile browser with a focus on one-handed use. And now, with its newest update to Opera for Android, the browser is focusing on easing your eyes with a dark theme for the entire web, display dimming options, color temperature adjustments, and several other features.


Opera for Android v55 comes with a completely revamped night mode that consists of three elements. First, Opera introduced additional brightness dimming beyond the default minimum that the system allows on the phone. This was already present in previous versions but has now been reoptimized to work in conjunction with other features and eliminate the need for overlay permissions. Second, the browser now allows color temperature adjustment to eliminate blue light and lower the disturbance to the body’s natural circadian rhythm. Third, Opera browser now builds upon its dark theme by extending it from just the browser UI to now darken web pages. The dark web pages feature supports dark mode CSS for pages that provide for it and also applies the theme to pages which do not support a dark theme.

Revamped Night Theme on Opera for Android v55

Opera takes it two steps further by allowing you to darken your keyboard within the browser by making use of an overlay, and by allowing the night theme to be scheduled either as per the user-selected times or through sunrise and sunset.

Other changes to the browser come in the form of improvements to the News Pane, which now supports more countries and languages. The new v55 update also allows users the option to quickly switch tabs by swiping the bottom bar, eliminating the need to go into the tab gallery. The browser also comes with complete support for Android 10.

If you are looking for alternative browser options, check out the newest version of Opera for Android from the Google Play Store.

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