Opera releases a new version of its browser optimized for Chromebooks

Opera releases a new version of its browser optimized for Chromebooks

Opera isn’t the biggest web browser on the market in terms of market share, but it’s one of the oldest web browsers still in development. Today, Opera announced that its web browser is now “optimized for Chromebooks.” Although it’s based on Chromium, the same open source browser project that Google’s Chrome is based on, Opera has a lot of features not found in Chrome, such as a free VPN, built-in messengers, an ad-blocker, cookie dialog blocker, and color themes.

Opera for Chromebook is based on Opera Browser for Android but with “custom-made optimizations that deliver a full-fledged laptop experience while maintaining all of its unique features.”  “Chromebooks, with their user-friendly interface and touchscreens, are excellent devices for people’s everyday needs. We decided it’s high time their users got access to an excellent alternative browser with a unique set of features they’ll find both useful and fun,” said Stefan Stjernelund, product manager of Opera for Android.


In the announcement, the company outlined all of the features offered by the browser that you can’t get in Google Chrome. There are built-in messaging tabs that can be accessed while browsing on the web, and that integration extends to WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook Messenger. There’s a special night mode that will filter blue light from the screen, too, and there’s even a built-in crypto wallet because… why not?

Despite being built on the Android version of the browser, you can still use your mouse and keyboard as normal, along with keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+T and Ctrl+L. It also synchronizes with all other Opera browsers, using Opera’s Flow feature. It comes after the recent announcement that OperaGX, the company’s “gaming browser”, has arrived on smartphones too.

To use Flow, you just need to scan a QR code to synchronize bookmarks, images, and notes across all of your devices. You can download and try Opera from the Google Play Store on your Chromebook. “According to a study by Opera, people tend to use more than one browser and want different browsers for different purposes, e.g. one for work-related matters and the other for personal needs and their free time. Opera is the first alternative browser optimized for Chromebook that gives them that choice,” the company said in its announcement.

Opera for Chromebook can be downloaded from the Google Play Store today. We should note that Opera’s claim of being the “world’s first alternative browser optimized for Chromebooks” is a bit murky, as there have been other web browsers for Android offering compatibility with Chromebooks. Still, whether the claim is true or not doesn’t detract from the browser itself, so if you’re looking for a new browser to try on your Chromebook, give Opera a shot.

Opera Browser: Fast & Private
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