Opera Mobile for Android Ready on November 9th

Opera Mobile for Android Ready on November 9th

We have seen lately several browsers being launched for Android devices, but this time we will talk about one of the first browsers that arrived to our phones. In 2 versions: Mini and Opera Mobile, it has become the most used browser on mobile devices.

Now, we have news from Opera forums that Android version will be ready to download on November 9th.
Features like hardware acceleration and pinch-to-zoom, that will let users be able to choose their own zoom level just as in the Opera desktop browser, will be included on the final version.
This first beta version won’t have hardware acceleration enabled as this feature still has to be worked on.

Geolocation video
Pinch-To-Zoom video

Also, Opera Mini will have an upgrade available very soon.

You can find more information in the original source.

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