Opera’s GX “Gaming Browser” for PC adds an integration with Discord

Opera’s GX “Gaming Browser” for PC adds an integration with Discord

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Opera GX is a PC web browser built with several features to appease gamers. Some of these are the CPU and RAM limiter options, color picker, in-built VPN and ad-blocker, and integration of messaging services such as Twitch, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc. Opera GX has turned a year old and is being upgraded to “LVL2” with several new features such as Discord integration, forced dark mode, and a “Hot tabs killer” to identify and kill demanding tabs.

With the Opera GX LVL2 update, you will be able to use the full web version of Discord from the sidebar in the browser. Now just that, Discord can be used even without leaving the current tab, sparing you from the hassle of switching tabs or apps to keep the communication going. This can be useful if you’re streaming live and interacting with viewers on multiple platforms simultaneously.

opera gx discord

Besides announcing Discord integration, the team behind the browser has also launched a Discord server to interact with fans on the browser’s first birthday celebration. You can join the Opera GX Party server by clicking on this link.

opera gx browser dark mode

Opera GX also gets a new “Force Dark Pages” switch which – as the name clearly suggests – will force websites to load with the dark background instead of light ones. The feature is currently in beta so you can expect to see some erratic behavior while converting light pages into dark ones.

opera gx broswer cpu ram limited tab killer

Apart from these two features, the browser also receives a new performance optimization feature to complement the already existing CPU and RAM limiters. Called “Hot tab killer,” it can be used to identify and eliminate resource-hungry, especially when they’re running in the background and eating up more resources than they should.

Opera GX’s LVL2 will be available starting today and can be downloaded using the link below.

Download Opera GX for Windows and macOS