OPFPControl lets you customize the OnePlus 6T’s in-display fingerprint scanner icon and color

OPFPControl lets you customize the OnePlus 6T’s in-display fingerprint scanner icon and color

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Besides the missing headphone jack, one issue that OnePlus fans may have with the OnePlus 6T is the optical in-display fingerprint scanner. While the in-display fingerprint scanner on the OnePlus 6T may not be as fast as the physical fingerprint scanner on the OnePlus 6, you do get the option to customize the animation around the optical scanner. OnePlus limits you to only a few choices, and even restricts certain animations to special branded models (though that’s easy to bypass.) However, the popularity of OnePlus devices and the immense support of the developer community for OxygenOS has made several customization options possible for the 6T’s in-display fingerprint scanner.

We recently discussed a mod that lets you change the icon and color of the OnePlus 6T’s fingerprint scanner, although the setup required a significant degree of expertise with modding Android devices.

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Now, XDA Recognized Developer Zacharee1 is back with an open source app called OPFPControl that makes this modding process a whole lot easier. Just head over to the thread below or use the button to download the mod and install it on your rooted OnePlus 6T. You must unlock the bootloader and root your device because the app builds a custom overlay based on the customization options you choose. Due to limitations in Android Pie, only rooted devices can install third-party overlays.

If you have any issues with the app, give the thread a read for solutions and ping the developer in the thread with your feedback. He’s been responsive so far in addressing issues people have been having with initial versions of the app.

Download OPFPControl Mod for the OnePlus 6T’s In-display Fingerprint Scanner