OPPO has developed a 10x hybrid optical zoom camera and better optical in-display fingerprint scanners

OPPO has developed a 10x hybrid optical zoom camera and better optical in-display fingerprint scanners

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Smartphone cameras these days have surpassed some impressive milestones considering how small the sensors are. Thanks to post-processing and AI, we are able to get amazing shots with our mobile devices with a quick snap in auto mode. However, one area where these sensors have lacked is in the zoom department. Again, because of the size of the sensors, it’s difficult to fit the components required for proper zoom technology, so we’re left with digital zoom. However, OPPO has come out and said they’ve developed a hybrid optical zoom camera that allows the device to have a 10x zoom effect.

It was only 2 years ago when OPPO showed up to the Mobile World Congress 2017 event and showed off a new camera prototype they had worked on. This prototype included a smartphone camera that could legitimately perform a 5x optical zoom with very little compromise. They called this “5X Dual Camera Zoom” technology, but now the company has gone beyond that and created a 10x hybrid optical zoom feature for smartphones. It still uses the smartphone’s lateral width to get the feature working, but this time the camera module’s dimensions are 15.9mm x 15.9mm and are essentially three prime lenses in one.

Optical zoom cameras aren’t the only thing OPPO has been working on, though. They have also been working on enhancing their optical in-display fingerprint technology. In order to create a better user experience for users who own devices with these in-display fingerprint sensors, the company has created a sensor that is 15 times larger than what they used in the OPPO R17. Xiaomi also recently teased a similar idea. This larger area will not only give the user a bigger screen area for it to scan their fingerprint, but it can also read two fingerprints at the same time. We’re told this should be available by the end of the year so some are speculating that they will have it ready for inclusion in the R19.

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