OPPO’s new ColorOS 11 update based on Android 11 will be unveiled next week

OPPO’s new ColorOS 11 update based on Android 11 will be unveiled next week

OPPO to reveal all next week

Today, after plenty of beta testing and speculation, Google released the stable version of Android 11 for its lineup of Pixel smartphones all the way back to the Pixel 2. The release is an exciting moment for Android users as it offers many new features and improvements, including chat bubbles, a screen recorder, quick access to Google Pay and Google Home controls from the power menu, one-time permissions for location, and much more. But what’s also exciting is that as Android is an open-source operating system, OEMs have the ability to create their own custom versions of it. So we can expect to see plenty of new custom Android-based operating systems and skins launch for Android 11, and for Chinese tech giant OPPO, that means a new version of its ColorOS software is on the horizon. 

Now that Android 11 is being released to the masses and its source code has been uploaded to AOSP, OPPO has announced that it’s nearly ready to unveil a new version of ColorOS based on Android 11. The new ColorOS update isn’t the first opportunity for OPPO users to try Android 11, though. Following the release of the first Android 11 beta from Google, OPPO pushed its own beta release for the Find X2 series. Just last week, the company recruited beta testers to trial another Android 11 beta for the Find X2 series, and it also added support for the OPPO Reno3 4G series to the mix. Today, the company released this latest Android 11 beta to the masses. These updates don’t feature OPPO’s newest version of ColorOS but rather the current ColorOS 7.2 release. So while users of the Find X2 and Reno3 4G series can trial Google’s latest major Android release, they’ll have to wait a bit longer to try out OPPO’s new ColorOS version.

However, that shouldn’t be too long as OPPO has confirmed that it’ll hold a virtual launch event for the next ColorOS release next week on September 14th. The company earlier confirmed on its official Twitter account that the new version will be called “ColorOS 11“, a big version bump from ColorOS 7.2 likely to sync with the naming of new Android releases. During the event, the company will likely detail all the new ColorOS features that have been in the development pipeline over the last few months, and users will have a better idea of when they can expect the new version of ColorOS to be released.

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