OPPO Find X’s kernel source code is now available

OPPO Find X’s kernel source code is now available

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The OPPO Find X was the first ever smartphone with a slider mechanism, giving it a truly bezel-less design in a time when most device makers were opting for notches. The Find X was one of the most unique smartphones of 2018, but sadly, the device was kind of hard to get. Furthermore, the Find X runs ColorOS, a heavily-customized Android software experience that just doesn’t appeal to a lot of us on XDA. But, the beauty of the Android ecosystem is customizability.

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Depending on your device, you can customize your UI from the fonts and icons to theming the look of the user interface. To truly change the look and feel of the OS, though, you’ll need to start with a custom ROM. That requires having a device with an unlockable bootloader (which can be done on the Find X, but it isn’t that easy) and having access to the kernel source code so developers can port an AOSP-based ROM. Months after release, OPPO has finally uploaded the Find X’s kernel source code for the Android 8.1 Oreo release onto GitHub. If you are a developer working on the Find X, you might be able to start taking advantage of this. Unfortunately, we don’t foresee much of a development community around this device, but hey, OPPO fulfilling their legal obligation by releasing the source code is nice.

OPPO Find X kernel source code