OPPO Find X2 series features PixelWorks Iris 5 display chip and Goodix’s new voice and audio technology

OPPO Find X2 series features PixelWorks Iris 5 display chip and Goodix’s new voice and audio technology

The OPPO Find X2 and the OPPO Find X2 Pro are the newest flagships from OPPO, bringing along top-notch display and camera capabilities for the premium flagship segment. Mishaal was pleased by all that the Find X2 Pro brings to the table, as he notes in his first impressions. While the announcement event from OPPO gave us an overview of what the phones are all about, there are a few other key technologies within the phone that are worth highlighting. The OPPO Find X2 and Find X2 Pro also feature PixelWorks’ Iris 5 display chip, as well as Goodix’s new voice and audio technology.

PixelWorks Iris 5 display chip

Back in January, PixelWorks had announced that it had signed a multi-year collaboration agreement with OPPO. The announcement had also mentioned that the first phone with this collaboration would launch in the first half of 2020. We now have confirmation that this is indeed the Find X2, which comes with PixelWorks Iris 5 display chip that makes several of the display features possible.


PixelWorks mentions that it worked closely with Qualcomm to implement its calibration software on the display processing unit of the Snapdragon 865 SoC. This allows the company to factory tune every Find X2 display with its high-efficiency color calibration software and resulting in a 0.4 average JNCD for the Find X2’s display. The Find X2 also relies on the Iris 5 display chip to dynamically scale SDR 24fps content to higher frame rates and higher dynamic range, while preserving natural motion appearance. The end result of these optimizations and enhancements is that the OPPO Find X2 and Find X2 Pro can boast of better video playback quality, clearer display, brighter colors, and higher dynamic range as a result.

Goodix’s new voice and audio technology

In a statement sent to us, Goodix has also confirmed that the OPPO Find X2 series features their “ultra-thin optical in-display fingerprint sensor and smart noise suppression for voice and recording solutions“.

Goodix has been manufacturing optical under-display fingerprint scanners for a few years now, and their fingerprint solutions are seen across a very wide variety of devices. What is new is their entrance into audio and voice solutions. This addition comes from Goodix’s acquisition of rival NXP Semiconductor’s Voice and Audio solutions business. The acquisition was announced back in August 2019, but it only got completed last month. This makes the Find X2 series one of the first to sport these technologies from Goodix.

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