OPPO may launch smartwatches and smart headphones in 2019

OPPO may launch smartwatches and smart headphones in 2019

OPPO started off as a domestic Chinese smartphone and electronics company in 2004, and slowly but surely, spread over a large portion of the world. With a primary focus on Asian regions like India, China and Indonesia as well as presence in Africa and Europe, Oppo has emerged as a key innovator in smartphone design, launching some iconic devices like the Oppo N1 and recently, the Oppo Find X.

In an interview with Qualcomm China, Oppo CEO Mr. Chen Mingyong shared a few words about Oppo’s vision and their plan for the future.

Oppo plans to continue in the mobile smartphone space as their core business, with new smartphones planned for 2019 with the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 mobile platform. The company predicts that smartphones will remain the “core and hub of all things in the 5G+ era”, meaning that our experiences with technology will center around the devices in our hand.

The company is working towards becoming the first manufacturer to launch 5G smartphones (which is referring to their internal targets and not necessarily market reality), with a 5G phone launch expected in the first half of 2019. The company believes that the 5G+ era will involve deep integration of 5G with AI, AR and other technologies, leading to new hardware and services.

Mr. Mingyong also mentioned that Oppo will be targeting smartwatches and smart headphones soon. The company also has plans to announce a foldable smartphone in the future, as revealed separately.

We will take the lead in targeting smart watches and smart headphones to create the next entry-level product

Oppo CEO, Mr. Mingyong (Translated)

Oppo is also actively building an open IoT platform and aims to provide an open IoT access protocol. The company is also working towards accelerating development of AI + IoT technology by working with partners and developers to create IoT products and services.

Source: Weibo – Qualcomm China

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