OPPO Launches Ambassador Program for Reno8 Pro

OPPO Launches Ambassador Program for Reno8 Pro

OPPO is wrapping up their very successful Product Ambassador Program for the Find X5 series, as they make room for a new program featuring the Reno8 Pro. Over the course of the program, enthusiastic users were given the chance to win many prizes, as they shared their experiences with the phone. Different perspectives from people around the globe were posted on the XDA forums and on social media, with images, videos, reviews, and more.

As this program comes to an end, OPPO is asking users to provide feedback. By filling out the survey below, you’ll be entered to win some available prizes! To see some of the highlights from the OPPO Find X5 Pro Product Ambassador Program, see this article here.


Take the Ambassadors Program Feedback Survey

Become a Product Ambassador for the OPPO Reno8 Pro!

Did you miss out on the first program? Well now is your chance to join in on the fun. OPPO is doing another round of Product Ambassadors for the launch of the new OPPO Reno8 Pro. If you participate in this program, you’ll have early access to the OPPO Reno8 Pro, as you share your ideas, experience, and feedback. OPPO is looking for spirited and savvy users to take part in this program, with options for people from any country. 35 users will be selected for this next chapter, as Product Ambassadors.

OPPO Reno8 Pro

Are you interested in becoming an ambassador? You can apply right away on the official page. Applications will be accepted until July 15th 2022, GMT+8. If selected, you will have a series of responsibilities and will be rewarded with exclusive perks and benefits based on your performance. Top-performing ambassadors will receive even bigger rewards!

If you’ve already applied to become an ambassador, you can get an early start to secure your place as one of the 35 users who will get early access to the OPPO Reno8 Pro. Do this by sharing photos of your low-light-inspired moments on social media, with the hashtags #OPPOAmbassadors and #LowLightInspired.

Apply today to join the next round of the OPPO Product Ambassador Program for the launch of the Reno8 Pro.

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