OPPO is Looking for Product Ambassadors to Receive an OPPO Find X5 / X5 Pro

OPPO is Looking for Product Ambassadors to Receive an OPPO Find X5 / X5 Pro

OPPO is looking for some enthusiastic and spirited users to participate in an exciting opportunity with their first-ever ambassador program. More specifically, OPPO is looking for trailblazers who are tech-savvy and can share their ideas and life experiences. The program is fairly expansive, with twenty seats available in total for users that are interested. When you get accepted into the program, you can become an ambassador for OPPO Find X5 or Find X5 Pro products, with ten spots in each category. Becoming a part of the program will allow you to have access to a number of different benefits.

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How to Become an OPPO Ambassador

The recruitment period is open during the time of February 17th – February 28th. If you’re interested in the program, you can sign up on the official page. Ambassadors will have a list of responsibilities that they must fulfill. Once you’ve taken on these responsibilities, you can begin enjoying your benefits. For users that reach “Excellent status” in the program, they’ll unlock even greater perks.


Sign up for OPPO Product Ambassador Program

To increase your chances of becoming a part of the program, you can participate in the Save the Night trend on Twitter. This bonus campaign begins on the 18th of February. Share an example of a terrible night photo that you’ve taken on a smartphone. Then take that photo and post it to Twitter using the hashtags #OPPOAmbassadors / #SaveTheNight. The goal of this trend is to share your experiences of bad night shots, and how night photography has improved with more recent devices.

OPPO Product Ambassador Perks

As an active member of the ambassador program, you’ll be eligible for a number of different perks and rewards. When you’ve completed the required responsibilities for the OPPO Find X5 Series program, you will have access to the following benefits:

  • Early Trial
    Experience OPPO Find X5 or Find X5 Pro pre-sale – it’s an Ambassador exclusive.
  • Keep the phone and inspire others
    After all, Ambassadors are the trailblazers here!
  • Ambassador Card
    Wear your Ambassador status with pride.
  • Reach OPPO insiders and experts
    Connect with the OPPO team to keep updated and find out stories behind products.
  • Grow your profile
    Get your creative work featured on official OPPO platforms.
  • Join the Tech Focus Group to network
    Exchange insights and co-create with fellow Ambassadors and tech lovers.

For Ambassadors achieving ‘Excellent’ status:

  • Earphone Ambassador opportunity
    Opportunities to pioneer the new earphone device.
  • Unlock more Ambassador roles
    Get wider access to try hauls of our innovative products.
  • Access to popular OPPO events
    Receive exclusive invitations to key events, on and offline.
  • Secure resources to realize your ideas
    opportunities to grab our resources and make a difference.

Being a part of the OPPO Ambassador program is reserved for the most passionate users. Turn your passion into something with fantastic perks, and become a part of a community that shares your drive. To get started, follow the link below and fill out the application.

Sign up for OPPO Product Ambassador Program

Also, check out our OPPO Find X5 Pro forums!

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