OPPO and Qualcomm unveil “Game Color Plus” and “Dual Wi-Fi” technologies to enhance mobile gaming

OPPO and Qualcomm unveil “Game Color Plus” and “Dual Wi-Fi” technologies to enhance mobile gaming

At the ongoing China Digital Entertainment Expo and Conference in Shanghai, China, Oppo and Qualcomm took the opportunity to unveil two of their latest innovations that would enhance gaming experiences: Game Color Plus, a technology that boosts the quality of gaming images, and Dual Wi-Fi, a technology that boosts network speed.

Game Color Plus

Game Color Plus is a result of a technical collaboration by Oppo and Qualcomm. The tech is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon Elite Gaming and Snapdragon’s self-adaptive technology, with both the companies working together on UI design, parameter adjustment, performance and power tests and bug fixes. In a nutshell, this tech aims to improve the quality of gaming visuals by boosting the details, color saturation and contrast of gaming scenes.

Oppo and Qualcomm's Game Color Plus on PUBG Mobile

Game Color Plus on PUBG Mobile: Left is Enabled, Right is Disabled

Because of the collaboration, Oppo is the first smartphone manufacturer to utilize Game Color Plus. Since the technology is not Oppo-specific, but rather Qualcomm-centric, we can expect to see it make its way to other OEMs in the future.

Dual Wi-Fi

Alongside Game Color Plus, Oppo also announced its Dual Wi-Fi technology for its phones running on ColorOS 6. This technology is supported by the DBS/DBDC (Dual Band Simultaneous/Dual-Band Dual-Concurrent) chip technology. Information sources suggest that this can be found on the Oppo Reno already, though we are unsure if this targets only the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855-sporting Oppo Reno 10x or even the standard Oppo Reno too. Dual Wi-Fi was also a highlight feature of MediaTek’s HyperEngine Game Technology that was announced a few days with the MediaTek G90 series.

With Dual Wi-Fi technology, compatible smartphones can connect to two different Wi-Fi hotspots simultaneously. These hotspots could be configured either with the same SSID, or different SSIDs, or be set up on one dual-band router, or on two different routers. Oppo’s Dual Wi-Fi technology enables devices to connect to two Wi-Fi connections by using policy-based routing and link aggregation and diversion technology. This ramps up the overall connection speed of the device, and also improves network experience within games as you are less likely to face network drops with two operative connections.

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