OPPO releases kernel sources for 4 OPPO Reno devices and the A3, A5s, AX5, AX7, and R17 Pro

OPPO releases kernel sources for 4 OPPO Reno devices and the A3, A5s, AX5, AX7, and R17 Pro

OPPO is one of BBK Electronics’ most successful brands, but the brand doesn’t have a huge presence outside of China and India — at least not yet. Starting with last year’s Find X, OPPO is making its way into Europe with new smartphones packing flagship-tier specifications. Earlier this year, the company launched the OPPO Reno smartphone series in the UK, Switzerland, and India. Now, two months after launch, the kernel source code for the entire OPPO Reno series has been uploaded to OPPO’s GitHub. In addition, OPPO has released the kernel sources for 5 other devices: the OPPO A3, the OPPO A5s, the OPPO AX5, the OPPO AX7, and the OPPO R17 Pro.


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You can download the kernel source code for the following OPPO devices:

The sources for the Reno series and R17 Pro are based on the respective devices’ Android 9 Pie releases while the sources for the other devices are based on their Android 8.1 Oreo releases. Furthermore, OPPO has released the audio-kernel sources for the R17 Pro and Reno series. The audio techpack is important for getting audio to work properly because it contains device-specific drivers that may not be contained in the common Qualcomm tree.

OPPO has a poor history with kernel source code releases. It took the brand 7 months to release the kernel source code for the Find X. While 2 months to release the kernel source code for the Reno series is a lot faster than we would expect from OPPO, some of the other devices that they just uploaded the kernel source code for have been available for much longer than 2 months. OPPO, like every other Android device maker, is obligated under GPLv2 to release to customers, upon request, the kernel source code for any Linux kernel binaries that are shipped on a device. Most major OEMs fulfill this obligation by making the kernel source code publicly available as a downloadable archive file, while some maintain public Git repositories with full commit history. OPPO has a GitHub where they seldom publish the kernel sources, but they don’t provide commit history.

OPPO’s spin-off brand Realme, on the other hand, has done a pretty decent job at releasing the kernel source code in a timely manner. We hope that as OPPO expands its presence in Europe that they’ll start uploading the kernel sources for new devices shortly after release rather than months later. Their new Reno series are pretty great devices as we found out in our hands-on of the regular model and 10X Zoom model, so it would be a shame for these devices to be ignored by the enthusiast community.

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