OPPO smartphones are officially coming to the UK

OPPO smartphones are officially coming to the UK

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Last October, Xiaomi made headlines when they announced plans to launch phones and smart home products in the UK. As one of the largest manufacturers in the world, it was a huge win for consumers in the region. Now, another big manufacturer is making the same announcement. OPPO will be launching phones in the UK.


The company shared the news on Twitter where they also announced the new OPPO Mobile UK Twitter account and an official launch event for January 29th. They did not share any details about phones, but the newly created Twitter account posted a teaser video with a device that may be the OPPO R17 Pro. The R17 Pro is a great device and would be an excellent choice to kick things off in the region.

As mentioned, we’ll have to wait until the event on January 29th before we know which devices will be available. Xiaomi and OPPO are rivals in their home country of China, so it makes sense to see the company fire back by launching in the region as well. Competition is good for consumers and now people in the UK will have a better selection of phones.