OPPO launches a SuperVOOC car charger in China

OPPO launches a SuperVOOC car charger in China

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Historically, OPPO has had the fastest chargers ever since the inception of fast charging technology in the smartphone industry. The Chinese manufacturer’s VOOC technology (which stands for Voltage Open Loop Multi-step Constant-Current Charging, by the way) ran laps around Qualcomm and other brands’ implementations. Some of you may not know, but OnePlus uses this same technology in their Dash Charge ever since the release of OnePlus 3 with a Type-C port. Even their newest standard, Warp Charger, uses VOOC technology.

Last year, OPPO announced their newest standard—SuperVOOC. The company promised 0-100% charge in 35 minutes and they delivered. The SuperVOOC-powered OPPO Find X is the fastest charging phone in the market right now. The fast charging standard introduced by OPPO pushes out 10V at 5A current. But what happens when you’re on the go and need to charge your smartphone? That’s exactly why OPPO just released a SuperVOOC car charger. The image on the website suggests that it will be able to charge phones with both regular VOOC and SuperVOOC standards. It has good looks too as the top section looks like carbon fiber, with minimal orange branding and coloring on the port itself.

The SuperVOOC car charger costs about ¥199, which is about 30 USD. Unfortunately, it is currently only available in China. We have no idea if OPPO is going to bring it to a global market. I remember searching for a decent Dash Charger back when I still had my OnePlus 3T and I couldn’t find one. It’s nice when OEMs themselves put out first-party solutions. You can check out SuperVOOC car charger at the OPPO Shop link below.

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