[Update 3: Launch Date] OPPO teases its smartwatch with a square design

[Update 3: Launch Date] OPPO teases its smartwatch with a square design

Update 2 (03/02/2020 @ 5:00 PM ET): OPPO will unveil the OPPO Watch, the company’s first smartwatch, alongside the Find X2 on March 6th.

Update 2 (02/26/2020 @ 06:40 AM ET): We now have another look at the upcoming OPPO smartwatch.

Update 1 (02/18/2020 @ 10:50 AM ET): OPPO’s Brian Shen has shared another image of the upcoming OPPO Watch.

At last year’s OPPO Inno Day event in China, the company confirmed that it will be launching a variety of new products in Q1 2020. The company revealed that following the launch of the Reno3 and Reno3 Pro 5G, it will be bringing a new smartwatch, smart wireless headphones, a 5G hub, and AR glasses to the market. At the time, OPPO had been teasing a new smartwatch for a while and the company’s VP, Head of Research, Levin Liu, also confirmed that the upcoming OPPO smartwatch will be unveiled in Q1 2020. As expected, OPPO has now released the first teaser of the upcoming smartwatch which showcases its Apple-watch like square design.


OPPO smartwatch

The teaser in question was recently shared by OPPO’s VP Shen Yiren on Weibo, who now goes by the name ‘Confident eyebrows’ on the platform. The image showcases a square smartwatch with rounded corners and a slightly curved display. The watch has a gold-colored case with two buttons on the right edge and a cream-colored watchstrap. The design is undeniably inspired by the Apple Watch, much like the Xiaomi Mi Watch from last year, to the point that even the wallpaper in the teaser looks like something straight from the Apple’s collection.

As of now, OPPO has released no technical information about the upcoming smartwatch. However, the company did talk about having the “technological know-how” to enable eSIM support at the Inno Day event, which leads us to believe that the smartwatch will most likely feature eSIM support.

Source: Weibo

Update: New Image

The last teaser of the OPPO Watch showed off the square display with curved edges, two side buttons, gold finish, and the overall Apple Watch-like design. Today, Brian Shen has shared a new image of the watch, this time focusing on the curved screen and 3D glass. In the tweet, he claims it will be a “game-changer.” Looking beyond the marketing-speak, however, there doesn’t appear to be anything unique about this design. The new image also appears to show a leather watchband, compared to the previous image that featured a silicone band. It’s hard to tell from the image, but this one looks to be silver.

Update 2: Another look at the upcoming OPPO smartwatch

Another render of the OPPO smartwatch was leaked, further highlighting its screen curve, Apple Watch-like design and software.

The Settings UI does not look like Android Wear OS, so it is possible that this could be a custom OS. However, the leaker does mention that the watch runs on “Android system, not a large bracelet” (rough translation), which implies that it is indeed an Android-based smartwatch and not just a smart fitness tracker.

Source: Weibo

Update 3: Launch Date

OPPO has announced that the OPPO Watch will be unveiled at the Find X2 event. The Find X2 was originally slated to be announced at MWC, but after the show was canceled, they rescheduled the event for March 6th. We will likely see more announcements at the event as well.

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