OPPO and Vodafone announce partnership to bring OPPO smartphones to Vodafone’s European markets

OPPO and Vodafone announce partnership to bring OPPO smartphones to Vodafone’s European markets

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OPPO launched its proper flagship for 2020, the OPPO Find X2 Pro in March, bringing over some key technologies to customers across Europe. While the phone does cement the company’s place among the premium Android OEMs, OPPO still has a lot of room to grow in terms of sales and market reach. Now, OPPO and Vodafone have announced a new comprehensive partnership agreement, bringing a broad range of OPPO’s smartphones to Vodafone’s European markets starting this month.

OPPO’s collaboration with Vodafone is intended to accelerate 5G adoption in the European region, and further expand the availability of OPPO products to more Vodafone markets and customers. This collaboration will allow the company’s A-series, Reno series, and Find X series to be available across Vodafone’s retail and online channels. In the first phase of the cooperation, markets covered include Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Turkey, and the Netherlands, with more to come in the future.

The announcement further details that most of the company’s manufacturing facilities have resumed normal operation, allowing OPPO and Vodafone to ensure business continuity. Physical retail outlets are constrained because of the advisories issued on the COVID-19 pandemic, so the companies plan to develop their online sales channels to ensure continued support for customers.

This is a big opportunity for both the companies involved. For OPPO, this partnership brings an additional surface for product discovery by tapping into Vodafone’s existing marketing channels across Europe. For Vodafone, this presents ready availability of key flagships such as the Find X2 Pro as well as other smartphones from the company for use on their network, and in furtherance of their overall 5G proliferation goals. For customers, it presents itself as a good opportunity to pick up great smartphones from familiar channels, building upon the present trust and goodwill. The press release does not mention any carrier-exclusivity in the works, but that could also be a possibility.

Source: OPPO Newsroom