AllRoundPC OPPO X 2021 hands-on shows rollable phones may be closer than we thought

OPPO X 2021 hands-on shows rollable phones may be closer than we thought

There is little doubt that 2021 is going to continue the foldable trend started by Samsung and Huawei in 2019 — the latter, in fact, is scheduled to unveil the Huawei Mate X2 this month. But perhaps the more exciting form factor that’s coming in 2021 will be rollables, which bring the same benefits of a foldable — more screen in a pocketable package — but don’t seem to suffer from issues plaguing foldables like the crease that’s left from the folding point. LG has already confirmed it’s got a rollable phone set for commercial release this year. OPPO followed soon enough with the OPPO X 2021 concept smartphone, and it looks like it’s closer to being ready than initially thought.

OPPO X 2021

A screen grab of an OPPO X 2021 hands-on video by YouTuber Brandon Le Proktor

Case in point: hands-on videos by independent parties handling the OPPO X 2021 have started hitting the web. The first such video comes from the French YouTuber Brandon Le Proktor, whose eight-minute video shows off the OPPO X 2021 in all its unrolling glory.

A few days later, German YouTube channel AllRoundPC published his video.

New Zealand site Newshub also published a hands-on article on the OPPO X 2021. Truth be told, none of these videos or articles showed off anything we didn’t already know about the OPPO X 2021, and it was obvious they tested the device in a controlled environment. Still, the fact that the device is ready for a real hands-on by people outside OPPO — and that the videos show off a very polished product — is an encouraging sign. It also suggests OPPO has multiple devices across its regional offices, so perhaps more people will be able to get demo time with one.

e Proktor's hands-on video of the OPPO X 2021

A screen shot from YouTuber Brandon Le Proktor’s hands-on video of the OPPO X 2021

The OPPO X 2021, as introduced by the Chinese company during its annual INNO Day 2020 last November, uses OPPO’s proprietary Roll Motor powertrain, which is essentially a pair of motors that create an equal force to allow the screen to unroll in a uniform manner.

OPPO X 2021rollable concept handset-Roll Motor powertrain

The OLED screen is laminated for increased rigidity and is supported by a frame that supports the screen even if it’s fully unrolled.

OPPO X 2021 rollable concept handset-2-in-1 Plate

There’s still no word on when or if this phone will see a commercial release, but the device sure looks ready for prime time going by the videos and hands-on.

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