Optimize Battery Life with This Useful App

Optimize Battery Life with This Useful App

Battery life is an important aspect of your smartphone, especially if you use it for more than just calls on the go. Since you’re on XDA, you probably do and want to get the most out of your battery. Now, you can’t magically expand its size but no matter how much its capacity is, you should make sure it’s not draining faster than it should be.

Your phone’s processor runs at different frequencies when you’re using the device. The CPU frequency it runs at is chosen by the “governor” in a smart manner, usually based on current usage. In other words, your CPU will run at a high speed when you’re gaming, but at a much lower speed if you’re reading an eBook. Again, you can’t do much here assuming the governor is doing its job. What matters the most is what happens when you’re not using the device. In that scenario, battery drain would be ideally minimal as your CPU goes into a special state called “deep sleep”, which consumes a minimal amount of power.


Everything seems fine, then — at least ideally. However, applications can request wake locks which keep your device awake, and are later released as soon as possible. While this makes sense for (and is properly used in) many cases, some applications and developers tend to abuse it due to bugs, oversights or ignorance. If your device is heating when the screen’s off, or if your battery doesn’t last as long as it should, that’s probably the main culprit.

This is where CPU and wake lock monitors, such as CPU Spy Reloaded by XDA Forum Member royale1223, come into play. Inspired by classic apps that share the same goal, it boasts an up to date, material design along with the features you’d expect. You can view neatly graphed CPU state statistics along with the time and percentage of each, wake lock statistics as well as general information about your CPU, GPU and battery. You’ll need to be rooted to view wake lock statistics, but everything else can be used on unrooted devices as well.

CPU statistics come in two forms: a scrollable and zoomable bar chart, and a pie chart. Timers can be reset or restored, allowing you to monitor your device over a more precise period instead of seeing all statistics since startup.

But that’s not everything! Some planned features are the ability to reset timers automatically when the battery is full, resetting wake lock times and detecting big.LITTLE and HMP CPUs. The developer is also happy to listen to any suggestions you might have.

The XDA App Translators also deserve a mention for their help with translating this app to various languages. If you want to join their efforts, or if you’re a developer who needs help with translating your app, make sure to check their thread out.

CPU Spy Reloaded is free, free of ads and comes with minimal permissions. If you’d like to support the developer, you can buy the pro version to unlock the light theme. Head over to the CPU Spy Reloaded Forum Thread to get started!

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