Organize Your Cloud Storage Files with Unclouded

Organize Your Cloud Storage Files with Unclouded

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Cloud storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive have grown in popularity dramatically over the last few years. They’ve obviously become available on Android since it’s the most popular mobile OS. And nowadays for many users, almost everything is kept in cloud. The list of benefits from using the cloud is very long. Your files are always safe, accessible from everywhere, and available on every platform.

After some time, services inevitably become more and more cluttered and full of duplicated files. XDA Senior Member cgollner created an application that can be used to analyze and clean your cloud storage. Unclouded shows which files take the most of space of your online storage. You can also check which file type consumes the most space.

Currently supported services are Dropbox and Google Drive. A free version of application allows analyzing the files and checking for duplicates. Some other functions are available after purchasing the premium version. We usually don’t promote paid software, but the free version offers quite a bit of functionality. The app is still in beta stage, so a few elements will likely be implemented in future releases.

If you often use cloud storage services, you can make it clean and tidy with Unclouded. You can get the latest version by visiting the Unclouded application thread.