Otterbox’s New Phone Case and Privacy Screens Are Built for Gaming

Otterbox’s New Phone Case and Privacy Screens Are Built for Gaming

Otterbox is launching a new line of products! The Otterbox Gaming line is set to launch in mid-February, with pre-orders in the US going live on January 25th. Aside from the products developed alongside Xbox, the company will be releasing two other accessories: the Easy Grip Gaming Case and the Gaming Glass Privacy Guard.

The Easy Grip Gaming Case is a slim case, built to be held for long gaming sessions without discomfort. The case is made mostly of hard plastic, designed to not slip out of your hands during even the most intense gaming sessions. Holding a full hard-plastic case in landscape mode for a long period of time can be uncomfortable, so the edges of the Easy Grip Gaming Case have rubber edges that sit nicely in your hand.


But, you might be worried about your smartphone overheating in a case. Games tend to make most phones run hot, and that’s not ideal for the phone’s longevity! Otterbox says its CoolVergence technology in this case will dissipate heat to keep your phone cool.

For now, the Easy Grip Gaming case will only be available for the following iPhone models:

  • iPhone 12 and 12 Pro
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • iPhone 12 Mini
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone SE, 7, and 8

However, cases for select Android devices will be coming soon. The Easy Grip Gaming Case will retail for $54.95.

The Gaming Glass Privacy Guard, also currently only for iPhone devices, has a unique feature just for gaming. Privacy guards for your phone are nothing special, nor are they anything new for Otterbox themselves. However, this particular screen protector is designed to work in landscape mode, which most games default to. The majority of privacy screen protectors are created with portrait mode in mind to protect someone’s data while using the phone in public. With the Gaming Glass Privacy Guard, you can make sure that when you’re gaming, no one is screen-peeking. Or, if you’re trying to watch a video or movie, you won’t have anyone trying to watch along behind your back. Of course, it also protects your screen from scratches and damage, and it will retail for $49.95.

All items in the Otterbox Gaming lineup are set to release globally. However, at this time, we only know the release window for the items in the US, which is in mid-February. Pre-orders for the items will go live on January 25, and they’ll initially be available at GameStop, Verizon, and the Microsoft Store.

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