Otterbox unveils the Xbox mobile gaming line of accessories

Otterbox unveils the Xbox mobile gaming line of accessories

If you’ve been wanting to fully get into mobile gaming but have been finding most accessories flimsy and lacking, you may be excited for the latest announcements from Otterbox! The smartphone accessory company is branching out with Otterbox Gaming, introducing new accessories for the hardcore mobile gaming market. Otterbox has worked together with Xbox to craft mobile accessories that work specifically with Xbox controllers and your smartphone in tandem.

As a result of this partnership, Otterbox Gaming has created three products for use with Xbox controllers: the Easy Grip Controller Shell, the Mobile Gaming Clip, and a carrying case for your Xbox controller and accessories. These items will be available for purchase separately but are currently not planned to be bundled together. That way, consumers can pick and choose the accessories they need without being left with extra unwanted items.


Of the three Xbox items, the Mobile Gaming Clip is the star of the lineup. Developed specifically for an Xbox controller, the clip perfectly fits Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Elite controllers, so regardless of what wireless controller model you may have, it will work with this clip. The clip attaches to the front, top, and bottom of the controller and offers a sturdy clip arm that’s easy to move around. This is great for mobile gaming, as the phone’s weight with a clip can be challenging to deal with. The clip also has three claws, as compared to the standard four. Otterbox made this decision to minimize the claws pressing against the buttons on the sides of your phone!

Finally, Otterbox’s Mobile Gaming Clip has a RapidAdjust feature, which is exactly as it sounds, allowing you to quickly readjust the clip’s placement and angle in order to play for long sessions comfortably. When you’re done gaming, you can fold the clip down onto the controller itself for easy storage without having to take the clip off. The clip will retail for $29.95.

But, an Otterbox item line isn’t complete without reliable protection. While there is a smartphone case releasing with gamers in mind, the Easy Grip Gaming Shell is the item created specifically alongside Xbox. A hard plastic shell encasing most of an Xbox controller, the Easy Grip Gaming Shell is meant to bring a more professional gaming experience for your Xbox One and Xbox Series X controllers. Due to its form-fitting design, this accessory will not fit the Xbox Elite Controller.

The shell will encase most of the Xbox controller in a protective layer that should help against shocks and falls (although you probably shouldn’t throw it against the wall). However, the controller’s back (where the batteries are inserted) is left uncovered, so you can easily replace batteries without taking the shell off. You have a choice between two grip pads that both reduce sweat and are antimicrobial, and the material on both the plastic and grip pads are resistant to damage and discoloration.

As expected, the Easy Grip Gaming Shell works with the Mobile Gaming Clip. If you want a controller shell for console gaming, though, it also works just fine alone. This product will retail for $39.95 and will be available in three colors—Dark Web, Dreamscape, and Galactic Dream.

Finally, for a mobile gamer, the ability to take everything you need on the go is essential! Otterbox’s Gaming Carry Case is meant to do just that. This carrying case can hold an Xbox controller with both the shell and mobile clip attached and has pockets for additional small accessories like charging cables or extra batteries. Everything all fits snuggly in a hardshell case that protects everything against shocks, falls, and damage. You can even use a stand situated at the top of the case to hold your phone for more game time! Otterbox Gaming’s carrying case will retail for $44.95.

All accessories in Otterbox Gaming’s launch will release in mid-February, with pre-orders opening in the US on January 25. These accessories will be launched globally, but the release date and pricing are still up in the air.

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