Gaming Console with Lollipop? Ouya Gets an Android TV Port

Gaming Console with Lollipop? Ouya Gets an Android TV Port

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Android is a very flexible platform, and it can be used on a large variety of devices. Definitely one of the most unique devices to ever run Android is Ouya, a gaming console that originally shipped with Jelly Bean 4.1 back in 2013. Since its release, Ouya hasn’t become quite the retail hit that its developers would have hoped, but a solid number of XDA members decided to give it a try.

In the last few weeks, we’ve talked about lots of Android Lollipop ports for numerous devices. Ouya is different than all of them, but it still received some custom ROM love. This gaming console received a quite functional version of Android TV thanks to XDA Forum Member cbwlkr, who made a port based on the system dump of ADT-1 and proprietary files pulled from the Google Nexus 7. LAN, WiFi, sound, and Bluetooth already work properly, though a few things still need to be fixed. They surely will be, because Google has released the final factory image for Android L on the Nexus 7, which shares quite a bit of common hardware.

To install Android 5.0 on your Ouya, you need to flash a custom recovery first. You can find it in the CyanogenMod 11 thread. After flashing ClockworkMod onto your Ouya, you can proceed to flashing the actual Android TV ROM.

If you have the gaming console produced by Ouya and would like to try Android TV flavor, head over to the Ouya Android TV port thread to get the latest version.