Over 100,000 People Pre-Ordered the Nokia 6 in China

Over 100,000 People Pre-Ordered the Nokia 6 in China

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In case you missed it, HMD Global recently launched their first smartphone with Nokia branding. We covered the release last weekend, but the most important news at the launch was that the Nokia 6 will initially only be officially sold in the Chinese market. The new Nokia phone will be made available sometime in “early 2017,” for a price of 1699 CNY (which is around $250 right now). We’ll have to wait and see when HMD Global will be ready to start selling the phone to the general public.

In China, smartphone companies like to ask potential customers to pre-register for a device that they’re interested in buying. This is different than an actual pre-order, as the person is generally not expected to pay any money to register their interest in the phone. It just gives the OEM an idea as to how many people are interested in their product. It was reported that over 250,000 people pre-registered for the Nokia 6 within the first 24 hours.

Some companies in China also do pre-orders though, which does require that the person pay in full to reserve a device. Earlier this morning, we started to see reports that HMD Global has achieved 100,000 full pre-orders for the Nokia 6 within the first 4 days. While not record breaking numbers, it’s definitely impressive for a company to achieve this when they were founded in only May of last year. Especially given this is their first notable smartphone release.

The device definitely has some decent specifications for the price it is available at, and the design isn’t anything to scoff at either. The software made available in the Nokia 6 will surely make or break this device though, at least for us at XDA. That, and we’ll have to see if they actually have plans to support the device (with both software patches and major version updates) once the device has actually been made available.

What do you think of the Nokia 6’s specs, design and price? Will this be something you try to pick up from a reseller, or will you wait and a Nokia flagship?

Source: DigiTimes