Here’s what OxygenOS 10 based on Android Q may look like in the future

Here’s what OxygenOS 10 based on Android Q may look like in the future

OnePlus’ thrives on constant feedback from the community of its users and that is what has helped the company integrate a variety of new features into OxygenOS. Recently, OnePlus conducted a contest to elect an honorary Product Manager from the community and promised to inculcate their ideas into developing the next version of OxygenOS. Léandro Tijink, the winner of the contest, had proposed some radical changes to the setup process, the ambient display, and a host of other first-party/system applications including the launcher, Messages, Notes, Gallery, Calendar, etc. as part of his application.


After being selected as the winner, Tijink was recently invited to OnePlus’ headquarters in Shenzhen, China so he can put forward his ideas for the future versions of OxygenOS in front of the official team working on the OS. These ideas are aimed at enhancing the current OxygenOS interface using rounder and more minimal elements with a focus on consistency, readability, and customizability.

Initial OxygenOS Setup

Among the elements that Tijink emphasized on in his presentation is the new Setup menu, with a cleaner interface so that key details are successfully communicated to the new users. In OxygenOS 9 based on Android 9 Pie, the welcome screen is primarily the same as the setup screen for stock Android (i.e. a white screen with blue accents). Additionally, the Setup process designed by the challenge winner also includes a Theme selection option to choose for a system-wide theme.

OnePlus Launcher and Ambient Display

Besides the suggestions for the Setup process, Tijink proposed changes in the Ambient display as well as to the Homescreen. During a recent survey he conducted, Tijink received responses in the favor of customization in the number of rows of a folder, so that get highlighted in his proposal. He also suggests some embellishment for the Shelf using a UI with rounder cards.

Recents, FileDash, Android Q Settings, and OnePlus Gallery

Tijink’s vision for OxygenOS 10 includes a new stacked layout for apps in the Recents menu and a more Android Q-esque notifications shade with a separation between the quick settings and the notifications – the same can be seen on the majority of overlay menus like the volume control center. We also see new suggestion for an improved interface for OnePlus’s FileDash feature that lets you exchange files between OnePlus smartphones like Apple’s Air Drop, even though we hope OnePlus will also add support for Android Q’s Fast Share option which would allow sending and receiving files from one Android Q smartphone to another irrespective of the manufacturer.

Similarly, we see minor addition to the Camera UI, cleaner Settings along with additional Android Q options. Additionally, the icons in the OnePlus Gallery appear spaced out well and consistent in terms of the color scheme.

OxygenOS 10 on Android Q

OxygenOS 10, which may be arriving later this year with (hopefully) the OnePlus 7T lineup, may include many of the recommendations by Léandro Tijink after sufficient internal discussion. Some elements might be omitted by the company due to legal or technical difficulties. If you want, you can take a look at his vision by visiting the website he created to show his ideas to not just the OxygenOS team at OnePlus but also to the entire world.

Meanwhile, the engineers at OnePlus are already working on their vision of Android Q and the third Developer Preview for the OnePlus 7 Pro is out already. The new beta includes additional settings for better customizability, access to notifications, and improvements to the Game Space feature.

Source: OnePlus Forums

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