OxygenOS 4.5.2 is Rolling Out to the OnePlus 5, Fixes Bugs and Improves Stability

OxygenOS 4.5.2 is Rolling Out to the OnePlus 5, Fixes Bugs and Improves Stability

Those who were able to get their order in quickly last week, likely saw their OnePlus 5 delivered on Friday. These early drop orders started processing on a first come, first serve basis, but only after the payment had gone through successfully. I used PayPal to pay for my device and that pushed back the delivery until today. So as more and more people start to receive their brand new OnePlus 5 smartphone, they’ll have a new OTA update to look forward to.

Early this morning, OnePlus announced there would be a new OxygenOS update being rolled out globally to all of their OnePlus 5 customers. This update will bring your version of OxygenOS up to 4.5.2 and the major focus with this update is to fix some bugs and improve the stability of the system. As far as bug fixes are concerned, OnePlus tells us that this new OTA update will resolve an application installation bug, as well as a system update failure bug.

Since some are experiencing a system update failure bug though, you may not be able to accept the OTA update to fix it. Instead, so you may need to sideload the OTA update or flash a TWRP compatible ZIP of the update. OnePlus also says this new OxygenOS update to version 4.5.2 also comes with some optimizations as well. The change log says it optimizes the camera, but doesn’t go into detail about what they focused on optimizing here.

There were some changes made to improve the stability of Bluetooth and network connectivity as well as various system stability changes. Again, there haven’t been any details give here, so if you experienced some issues before in these areas then the new update could have resolved them. Lastly, we’re told that the OxygenOS 4.5.2 OTA update should also fix some compatibility issues that some people were having with 3rd-party applications.

OxygenOS 4.5.2 Changelog

Bug fixes:
App installation issue
System update failure

Bluetooth stability
Network stability
System stability
Compatibility with 3rd party apps

Source: OnePlus

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