OxygenOS 9.0.4 rolling out to OnePlus 6T with Nightscape improvements and November security patches

OxygenOS 9.0.4 rolling out to OnePlus 6T with Nightscape improvements and November security patches

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The OnePlus 6T just released, and we’ve already given our first impressions on it in part 1 of our review. While some of our impressions are definitely mixed, there’s one thing that’s certain – with your purchase of the phone, you’ll also be able to enjoy OnePlus’ excellent software support. The OnePlus 6T will likely be no different from previous devices from the company, and it’s already gotten its first update. OxygenOS 9.0.4 is rolling out to the OnePlus 6T now, and it brings a number of small changes.

The update (originally spotted by HDBlog) mentions a number of system changes that you’d expect to see straight after a release. With power consumption optimizations, general bug fixes, and an improved Screen Unlock, these are all things that generally get fixed after a release. Interestingly, the November 2018 security patches have also been included. The OnePlus 6 also just got those security patches with the release of Open Beta 6, which means that both devices have gotten the latest security patches before even Google has released them. That means that we don’t actually know what has been patched yet. Device OEMs typically get the patches a month in advance, where Google then discloses the latest vulnerabilities of which are patched in their monthly security bulletin.

Nightscape has also been a critiqued feature in that it doesn’t seem to do a whole lot. It’s an improvement, but one many could easily find simply by using manual mode on their camera. OnePlus has made some changes to the feature so it is entirely possible that it has improved quite a bit. It wouldn’t be the first major camera update that the company has released for this generation of its phones. Other changes include “Brand new navigation gestures,” although this is possibly written in error given that the quick switch gesture was already available at launch.

The update is rolling out now, but if you don’t want to wait then you can download the latest version of OxygenOS Open Beta via the Oxygen Updater application. It’ll allow you to download and flash the latest version of OxygenOS, and it doesn’t even require root. The full update ZIP comes in at 1.5GB, which you’ll have to download if you’ve made any modifications to your OnePlus 6 whatsoever. If you have, don’t forget to root your device again after.

Via: HDBlog.it