OxygenOS Open Beta Update for OnePlus 3/3T Brings Refreshed Launcher, Dynamic Icons, and UI Improvements

OxygenOS Open Beta Update for OnePlus 3/3T Brings Refreshed Launcher, Dynamic Icons, and UI Improvements

The OnePlus 5 may be OnePlus’s flagship smartphone at the moment, but that doesn’t mean the company has forgotten about the previously released 3 and 3T. If you own a OnePlus 3 or 3T and are part of the Oxygen OS Open Beta, you should be receiving an update to Open Beta 19 or 10 respectively depending on which handset you own.

The update weighs in at just a little over 100Mb, and one of the most noticeable improvements has to do with the updated launcher. The newest version is now named as the OnePlus Launcher v2.1, and by holding down on the home screen and hopping over to the Launcher settings, you’ll see that there’s now information for the version of the launcher and a new option for adjusting your home screen layout. The home screen layout option allows you to change how many columns are present on your home screens and also allows you to change the icon size for all of your applications. It’s not the most in-depth customization we’ve ever seen, but it’s certainly better than not having any at all, and it’s actually better than what’s on the OnePlus 5 right now.

Also new with this latest update is the support for dynamic app icons. So far only the Google Calendar and OnePlus’s stock Weather app are supported for this feature, but it’s still great to be able to see what day it is and get a glimpse at current weather conditions just by glancing at the icon for an app and not having to actually open it up.

In addition to these more major changes, the new update for the 3/3T also brings a new OnePlus widget that shows the current date, weather conditions, and temperature, a new UI for the Clock app, new animations for incoming calls, a new search history in the app drawer, the ability to see the battery status of connected Bluetooth devices, and more.

The full changelog can be found below.



All new OnePlus Launcher v2.1:

  • Supports dynamic icons for certain apps
  • New settings for grid and icon customizations
  • Added search history in app drawer
  • Newly installed apps tagged with a blue dot
  • UI improvements

Other additions:

  • Added battery status of connected Bluetooth devices
  • Added OnePlus widget
  • Adjustable clock widget
  • Updated UI style for Clock


  • Smart Callback
  • Incoming call animations
  • OnePlus font optimizations
  • Bluetooth connections

Source: OnePlus

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