Paid Android App Developers Will Soon Have to Provide Physical Address

Paid Android App Developers Will Soon Have to Provide Physical Address

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Google has now changed its policies regarding paid app developers. Every developer who opened the developer console today was greeted with a message stating that a physical address must be added in account settings. The change will influence primarily developers who distribute paid apps or allow in-app-purchases.

Developers were shown the following message stating the required changes:

Add a physical contact address Beginning September 30, 2014, you need to add a physical address to your Settings page. After you’ve added an address, it will be available on your app’s detail page to all users on Google Play. If your physical address changes, make sure to update your information on your Settings page.

If you have paid apps or apps with in-app purchases, it’s mandatory to provide a physical address where you can be contacted. If you don’t provide a physical address on your account, it may result in your apps being removed from the Play Store.

Essentially, this means that app devs will soon have to provide a full physical address or their applications will be pulled from the Play Store after September 30th. The notification system itself is rather strange, though. Google didn’t send an Email informing developers about the policy change, therefore developers who aren’t too active may see their applications pulled without formal notice beforehand.

It remains unknown whether indie developers will accept the policy change or not. Rule changes will not be a problem to big developer studios, but might be an important factor for those smaller developer who want to monetize their work.

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