[Update: Now available unlocked] Palm’s credit card-sized smartphone is now standalone

[Update: Now available unlocked] Palm’s credit card-sized smartphone is now standalone

Update (6/18/19 @ 10:50 AM ET): The Palm phone is now available unlocked and can be pre-ordered starting today.

Palm is no longer the company it once was, with the brand getting passed around ever since it was purchased by TCL back in 2014. TCL is the company which also licenses out the Alcatel and BlackBerry branding, but they later sold the Palm brand to a startup in San Francisco. As a result, the launch of the Palm Phone came as a surprise. It’s a 3.3-inch smartphone that was sold exclusively as a companion to your actual smartphone, so the use cases are limited.

That’s all changing though, as Verizon is now offering the device as a standalone phone. That means you no longer need another phone for it to rely on, which is great as this device cost $350 at launch. That’s a steep price to pay for what was effectively a large smartwatch. On top of that, for the month of April, you can pick up the Palm Phone for $200 from Verizon. If you’re looking for a phone that you don’t mind too much getting damaged or lost, then the Palm Phone works as a great supplement to your actual phone. Accessories for the Palm Phone are also 50% off until April 18th, which includes cases, battery packs, and more.


Announced in the same blog post, Palm also intends to improve both the battery life and the camera in a software update that will soon be rolled out. Sadly, none of this means that Palm Phones previously purchased can’t be upgraded to be standalone and they will still rely on your primary smartphone to work. Verizon has trade-in options for those looking to get a standalone device instead of a companion. You can check out the links below to get more information if you’re interested, as the sale will last for the whole month.

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Update: Available unlocked

The tiny Palm phone was originally sold through Verizon as a companion to a regular smartphone. Verizon eventually offered it as a standalone smartphone, but it was still locked to the carrier. Today, Palm has announced the phone will be available unlocked to use on most major carriers, including AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and MetroPCS.The unlocked phone is available for pre-order right now for $349.99 from Palm.com. Customers who pre-order the unlocked device will get a free leather case with neck and wrist lanyards.

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