Pandora revamps its Android app with an emphasis on personalization

Pandora revamps its Android app with an emphasis on personalization

There was a time when the name Pandora was synonymous with the streaming music industry. The company still holds strong brand recognition, but rising competition from the likes of Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music, and others have caught the folks behind Pandora off guard. There has been some effort put into improving the streaming service and the latest Android update shows the company is putting an emphasis on personalization. The new update includes a new “For You” tab that is dedicated to showing you a constantly updated feed of audio content (both music as well as podcasts) based on your personal taste.


Delivering content to users based on a personalized algorithm has become quite a common practice among tech companies. It’s not even a new feature in the music streaming industry either. Pandora’s algorithm is used when a user listens to a certain radio station. They will take the users’ likes and dislikes into account before playing the next song. The company hopes to use this dedicated tab to emphasize the additions to the algorithm. We’re told the personalized content offered in the new For You tab is based on previous data factors as well as new additions including the day of the week, the time of the day, what Pandora predicts to be your current mood/activity, and more.

The other element to this dedicated tab is that content is now delivered to the user in a never-ending feed that so many of us are used to. This is also where you’ll access the new Pandora Modes feature which is essentially just a new way to listen to Pandora Stations. Anyone who has used the company’s website to listen to music will likely be familiar with these “Modes” as it was launched on the web back in March of this year. This enables you to opt for various “Modes” includes crowd faves, discovery, new releases, the deep cuts, and more.

Anyone who wanted more out of the app’s UX will likely want to give this new update a lookover. There look to be 35 different modules for you to play around with in the new For You tab.

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