Spruce up Your Home Screens with Papuh Walls

Spruce up Your Home Screens with Papuh Walls

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Update: Links in this article have been temporarily removed while we look into various claims made against its developer.

In its nearly six year lifespan, Android has gone from an unpolished mishmash of UI elements to a cohesive, Material Design-flavored sweet treat. And although UX chief Matias Duarte’s handiwork has been felt since Android 2.3 Gingerbread, it wasn’t until Lollipop that Android design truly came into its own.

While having a cohesive OS interface leads to good visuals, it doesn’t automatically turn your mobile device into a Monet. You must also do a little bit of work on your own to arrange your icons and widgets, as well as load a good wallpaper. After all, your wallpaper is what you see first on your mobile device–so why not make it enjoyable?

XDA Recognized Developer Mazda created an application that makes it a little easier to stay up to date with a clean and fun wallpaper. Cleverly entitled Papuh Walls, this application houses over 150 wallpapers to choose between–including various OEM-specific offerings. To make the selection process easier, Papuh Walls divides its wallpapers up into over 20 categories and presents the user with an aesthetically appealing UI.

If you’ve been looking for a wallpaper app that has an almost limitless number of images from various sources, head over to the Papuh Walls application thread and give it a try!

[Many thanks to EnricoD for the heads up!]