Paranoid Android 6.0 ROM Overview

Paranoid Android 6.0 ROM Overview

In this XDATV video, Miles takes a look at the AOSPA comeback in the new Paranoid Android  6.0 ROM. If you’d like to skip the video just continue reading for the same content.

Floating Mode

The first new feature in Android 6.0 is floating mode. When you long press any notification, it will turn dark and then you will see the floating icon. When you press the icon, a small window will pop up in front of any app that you have open. The window is just a slightly smaller scale of your app but is still fulling operational. There’s also a toggle in your notification settings that will allow you to open any new notifications in floating mode.



Notification Center

In the notification center, you can press and hold to rearrange your icons. You can also drag them to the top of the screen to delete them from your drop down menu.


Cyanogenmod Theme Engine

Use the Cyanogenmod theme engine to customize the look of your phone. Download and install themes from the Play store or use one that you’ve created yourself.


Reboot Menu

The advanced reboot option is back with the ability to reboot into recovery and bootloader mode.


Other than that everything is as you’d expect it to be. If you want to try out this ROM for yourself, follow the link below.



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