Paranoid Android Announces Substratum Partnership

Paranoid Android Announces Substratum Partnership

Paranoid Android strives to be a custom ROM on the level of an OEM ROM, providing reliability, stability and improving on existing features on a device with polish and care. Paranoid Android recently came back in May after a few months hiatus, with new features and old favorites including their famous pie controls.

They also included a new color engine for changing accents on the device, immersive mode and many new screen-off gestures. On the OnePlus 3, they wrote their own camera processing software and included other device-specific features for other phones. They also added Substratum support, which meant you could theme the ROM further than their color engine. On top of this, the Paranoid Android 7.2 release included improvements to the color engine and more features. The dev team is serious, and in their latest announcement are showing us how.

Paranoid Android’s Announcement

The dev team behind Paranoid Android have committed to making their ROM the best experience on any device, and in continuing this they have announced their partnership with Substratum.

Our main goal is to bring a more seamless theming experience to AOSPA which will allow
you to customise the look and feel of your device easily without going through a plethora of
menus and options. With our reputation of wanting to release something that is well polished
and to a professional standard, we believe that this partnership will provide our users with
what they know and trust. We’re planning to develop an entirely new theming section with the great UI/UX you can
come to expect for PA.

– Paranoid Android Team

With this, we can expect to see some major improvements in the Substratum experience on AOSPA across all devices supported. It will be built into the settings menu and fit the design language of the Android system itself. Hopefully we can see more improvements like this in AOSPA or other custom ROMs and that this opens the door for more ROM partnerships in the future!

Source: Google+ — Alex NDS

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