Paranoid Android Teases Another Return

Paranoid Android Teases Another Return

The last time we talked about Paranoid Android was in September 2016, when the PA team had announced their ROM base update to Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Stable builds were made available for their list of supported devices, and more features and a Nougat update were also promised for the future. But since then, we haven’t heard much from the team.

But today, the Paranoid Android team began to tease another return.

Image is titled: “PA – Nice Try”, with the hashtag: #stayparanoid

The teaser is, as one would expect, cryptic and does not say much on what we should expect. The image alludes to Android O with the ‘O’ symbolization, but since Android O is still available only as Developer Previews and not available in AOSP yet, we are not counting on an Android O update anytime soon.

Update 17:30 CST. We’ve received word from Alex Naidis (@TheCrazyLex) that our initial interpretation of this teaser is incorrect. Instead, what the teaser is showing off is a revamped version of Paranoid Android’s pie control. An Android Nougat MR1 release is still planned to be released by the team.

What is a possibility is an upcoming Android 7.1 Nougat update for the ROM. You can see work ongoing on Paranoid Android’s Gerrit for an upcoming Nougat MR1 release.

Paranoid Android’s Project Lead, Arz Bhatia, also had a few words to say in their teaser:

Just to clear out a few things – We try to release builds when they’re stable enough to be called public releases and abandoned the concept of nightlies a long time back.

Paranoid Android 6 was released when it was stable enough for daily use and was updated only when there were critical bug fixes needed. Due to the lack of manpower, we shifted our focus from features first to stability first.

By head count, we only have 3-5 active developers working on the project – the team is still amazing but we lost a few of our key members a while back.

Paranoid Android is still a community project, it’s free to use and open for all. The developers working on the project do it for the community with no profit-making involved. I’m here to represent my team and the comments over here are not really helping in motivating them to continue working on the project.

We’re passionate about building good products and we only release when we’ve reached the level of goodness, perfection & stability that we had in mind when we first started working on the project.

Having more updated options in the custom ROM scene is definitely a good thing for a device and its third-party development scenario. We look forward to what Paranoid Android has in store for us.

What are your thoughts on Paranoid Android’s teaser? What do you think their update will bring? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Thanks to XDA Senior Member EvoWizz for the tip!

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